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Employees spend a lot of time giving their best shot at work. Sometimes this is rewarded, but a lot of times it's also unseen or not appreciated as much as it should be. When we founded Talent Maps, we set out on a mission to create happier and healthier work environments all over the world. With Feeting we want to change the traditional meeting culture into a thriving experience where people, besides a good meeting, can also enjoy some healthy activity, breath some fresh air and feel the sunshine on their skin.

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Team Feeting
Team feeting working together.
Team feeting working together

Meet the team behind

Lucia Burtscher
Co-founder, Marketeer, and Growth Hacker
Remo Bärlocher
Co-founder, App Developer, AWS Developer
Julian Querido
Co-founder, UX Designer, Front-end Engineer
Oliver Leumann
Oliver Leumann
CTO, Tech Lead, Architect, Back-end developer
Tom Suter
Co-founder / Collaborative Engaging Officer (CEO), Making work work...
Dr. Paul Sevinç
Investor & Boardmember, CTO of Squeng AG. and co-founder and former CTO of Doodle AG, co-initiator of Elohna GmbH and Ledgy AG.
Barbara Weber
Boardmember, Professor for Software Systems Programming and Development at University of St. Gallen
Hermann Arnold
Co-founder, Investor & Chairman of the Board, serial founding entrepreneur (START, btov, umantis, ...), start-up investor, democracy reformer
Romeo Arpagaus
Investor and advisor on Product Discovery, Co-founder Haufe-umantis
Christian Bless
Christian Bless
Creative Advisor of Spin (gospin.ch) Design Thinking, Lean Start-up
Markus Bolt
Co-founder, Full-Stack Developer, Talent Development
George Tsopouridis
Senior Cloud Software Architect, AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service, DevOps
Britt Hippert
Britt Hippert
Researcher psychology and user behaviour


We believe we don't have every answer. Experimentation and good listening bring us further. We're open for other ideas and suggestions, because we trust that we share the same purpose. We encourage failure and learning. Being honest about failures also increases trust and brings everybody further.


Together Everyone Achieves More. Our team is a great mixture of backgrounds, expertise, experience, personalities, and skills with the single purpose of fostering valuable and meaningful connections between individuals. We respect others thoughts, opinions and ideas.


Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. We're no health guru's or fitness preachers. Though we believe that it's important to take care of your mind and body. Our body's are made for walking and with Feeting we walk our talks on a daily basis.

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