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Feeting is the #1 hands-free, audio-only, walking meeting platform. Give it a try and be surprised by the increased productivity and creativity in your meetings.

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Automatic meeting notes through smart transcription and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our features will blow your mind

Walking meetings are not only good for your health, but also great for your productivity. You'll think more clearly and come up with better ideas when you're not cooped up in a chair all day. So why not try out a walking meeting today?

Seamless inviting
Seamless invite from your calendar

Seamless inviting

Invite your colleagues straight from Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Simply put your personal invite link in the location field of the meeting invitation and Feeting takes care of the rest. Desktop and mobile. Apple and Android. We'll make sure that everybody gets in your Feeting in a whim.

Feeting Notes™

No more manual note taking. With Feeting you'll get your own note-taker that transcribes your Feeting. It recognizes who said what. With "Hey Feeting..." everyone can easily take a manual note.  You can also add a bookmark and listen back to your favorite parts of the Feeting. You'll have them in your mailbox before you're back behind your desk.

Feeting Gems give you all insights in your Feeting. Automatic Transcription, topics, follow-up, actions and much more.

100% Mobile Meetings

Feeting gives you a completely liberated meeting experience. As of now you can have your meetings wherever you are and you can also do whatever you want to do. Go for a stroll, walk the dog, mow the lawn, etc. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

Claim your own spatial audio meeting room, which you can use with all your colleagues during your Feetings.

Phonecall on steroids

Feeting provides you with your own audio-only meeting room, 24-7 available. Your invitees can easily drop-in and drop-out, with everyone in the room being notified through audio-signals. Spatial™ Audio will give you the immersive experience that you and your colleagues are "in the room" together and even allows to distinguish several conversations happening at the same time.

Save CO2 by converting your video meetings into walking audio feetings.

Lower your Carbon Footprint

Research (Science Daily 2021) showed us that a video meeting uses 575g CO2 per person per hour on average. An audio-only meeting saves 96% which is 552g per hour (which is 0.15g per second per person).

Compete or collaborate in exciting challenges with your colleagues. Can you virtually walk around the world with your co-workers?

Participate in fun challenges with colleagues

Invite your colleagues and virtually feet around the world. Feeting shows you the joint steps and joint distance. Did you know that it's only 40.000km around the world? Go for it!

"Next level meetings. Combining health and business in one app!"
- Tibo Claesens

Put on some bluetooth earbuds or some headphones and take your meetings wherever you want. AI background noise cancellation and voice isolation make sure that you'll have a crystal clear conversation with everyone involved. You'll end your walking meeting refreshed and energized.

"I grew stronger connections with my colleagues." - Julia Müller

"It's fascinating to experience how much more focussed you are on the actual conversation when it's audio only. I often discover myself not even noticing that I am actually outside walking, catching fresh air and sunshine. Simply great!"

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