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8 Tips for Walking Meetings

Feetings are a great way to have a meeting with your colleagues.
Remo Bärlocher
4 min to read

Feetings are a great way to have a meeting with your colleagues, get some fresh air and activity and boost the creativity and energy of everyone. If you hold a walking meeting, consider the following tips.

Tip 1: Stay on time

Host your Feeting at the same time you have originally scheduled your meeting and keep it the same length of time. When you've connected your agenda with Feeting, it will give all of you subtle audio cues to keep track of time.

Tip 2: Come prepared

Come to the Feeting #prepared – a walking meeting should be productive just like a sit-down meeting. Prepare an agenda in your invite description. You can invite anybody for a Feeting just as simple as you would invite them for a Zoom or MS Teams call. Just add your personal invite link (eg. to the location field and you're good to go.

Tip 3: Have a fallback in place

Make accommodations for those who want to join the Feeting but might be hesitant to walk for various reasons. Think about things like bad weather (all though it's only raining 7% of the time), disabilities, etc. Feeting makes their lives easy, everyone can join and we're forcing no one to walk. There's a convenient fallback option that works in every browser.

Tip 4: Consider your track

Consider the route you want to walk – busy and noisy places (construction zones, free speech by Parks Library, Lincoln-Way traffic, etc.) may not be ideal for productive conversations! Feeting makes your life easy by offering voice isolation and smart AI background denoising. We can handle any situation.

Tip 5: Enjoy the sun and fresh air

Don't forget to take a deep breath every now and then during your Feeting and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on your skin. Isn't it great that an office job no longer has to be an office job. Smell the blossom and enjoy the conversation at the same time. How cool is that?

Tip 6: Don't worry about meeting notes

Our intelligent Feeting Gems™ system will track every decision, follow-up or action. You'll have a summary of all important stuff right after your Feeting. Easy as that.

Tip 7: Say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle

Did you know that less than 5000 steps a day is already considered a #sedentary lifestyle? Why not combine the useful with the convenient and turn your sitting meetings into #walkingmeetings? You'll get some activity, burn some calories and won't lose any time.

Tip 8: Use Bluetooth earbuds or headphones. is a completely hands-free walking meeting platform. And we're proud of that. A pair of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones improves your Feeting experience. Enjoy your mobility and flexibility.

Do you have some good suggestions or tips as well? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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