Meeting Madness

Feetinar, a walking webinar

Friday Feetinar: Wind down from the week in a 30 minute, casual walking webinar.
Tom Suter
3 minutes

Lately we've been starting organizing Friday Feetinars. A webinar where all participants are walking. The idea is simple: a good speaker, an interesting subject and an invitation with a Feeting link. Share the invitation through your network and people sign-up. We organized it as a 30 minute, casual conversation at the end of the Friday Afternoon, so everybody could wind down from the week a bit, and have some easy activity.

We've done two so far. The first one was with Joris Swinnen, an Agile Accelerator from Belgium who had a very interesting talk about the different stages of "Team Goal Setting". Together with all participants we walked from good, to great to awesome teamgoals. Joris gave us very practical tips and suggestions and there was a nice dynamic between all participants.

The second one was with Ziryan Salayi. He's an agile professional and certified Scrum trainer from the Netherlands and he had a very nice talk about how you can energize your participants in meetings or workshops by turning sitting situations into more active ones. For instance, instead of going through a slidedeck on a big screen, print it out, put it on the wall and ask the participants to walk the room and write down things where they have feedback on. Also, instead of the normal 'break-out room', ask the participants to team up in pairs and go for a walk (Feeting) outside for the next 15 minutes to discuss a topic. During this 30 minute talk we walked more than 15 km all together.

Some things we have to work on during next ones:
- See whether we can encourage more participants in a positive way that it's about a walking webinar. We noticed that some didn't get that, clicked the invite link and were joining from their desktop pc.
- Give the speaker/organizer the ability to mute all.
- Ability to switch off the audio-cues when someone joins or leaves the Feeting.

Interested in joining as a speaker during one of the next Feetinars? Awesome! Send a short e-mail to and let us know. We would be happy to assist you with this.

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