"Feeting energizes our team on a daily basis!"

John Garcia
Scrum Master at PromoPoint
John Garcia

Since we learned about Feeting we turned a couple of Scrum events into walking meetings and we don't want to switch back.

Daily Scrum as Feeting

We started with the Daily Scrum, also often called daily stand-up. Since we were working from home, we didn't follow the standing part of it that much anymore, until our designer stumbled upon Feeting.app. She suggested to change our sitting daily scrum into a walking daily scrum. The team embraced the idea and we're now Feeting our daily's ever since. We enjoy the freedom to move around a lot. Everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to walk outside or not, but most of the times everyone is going for a walk. As a Scrum Master I'll keep an eye on if we're moving towards our sprint goal. The audio cues that Feeting provides are very helpful for timeboxing. We really experience that the conversations are more focussed and to the point.

Retrospective as Feeting

As a team we also energized our retrospectives with Feeting. We use several formats which work very cool outside when walking. For instance everybody in the team gets 1 minute to find an object outdoor that reflects the last sprint from his/her point of view. We had nice examples with a construction site (too many unfinished things), a flower (we are growing as a team if we take care of each other). After this minute, everybody gets 2 minutes to share it with the rest of the team.

Afterwards the whole team gets 5000 joint steps to find an object that reflects what they're hoping for in the next sprint. The fun bit is that you can either slow down or speed up through this and everybody can see how much steps we have left. Once everybody is done, we do another round to share what everybody has found.

Based on all the insights everybody reflects on an action that they want to take in the next sprint to improve the outcome and value. Everyone shares then this action with the rest of the team and Feeting automatically collects those actions in the Feeting Notes™️.

Benefits of Feeting for Teams:

  • Get away from your desk and get some activity as a team.
  • Progress as a team on different levels.
  • No distractions and more focussed conversations.
  • Team bonding and increase of trust.
  • Improve mental and physical team health.

Give it a try

I can really recommend other teams to try Feeting as a replacement for several sitting meetings. Download the app, sign up and get yourself a personal invite link which you can use in all your invites. As a team we have very good experiences with brainstorms and refinement sessions as well. Team members are more creative and easy going when walking and talking.

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