"We reduced sick-leave with 68% through Feeting."

Sunil Anand
Sunil Anand

During the Corona pandemic we saw our employees sitting more and moving less. The effect was a less healthy and more sedentary lifestyle with all the consequences that come with it; double the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obese, higher blood pressure, osteoporosis, lipid disorders, depression and anxiety. The moment we saw this also reflecting in our sick-leave numbers we knew it was about time to take some proper action.

Combine the useful with the convenient

We questioned our employees how we could help them stay healthy. Both mentally as physically. The clear signal was that there was no resistance for more movement and activity, they simply found it hard to schedule it during their day. Working and being in back-to-back video calls and having a family, hobbies, sports, etc. at the same time is simply not that easy to manage. Till the day we stumbled upon Feeting. Our sales manager Ray actually came with it, because he was invited for a Feeting by a customer from us. How cool was that, our colleagues could have their meetings and get some activity at the same time. We tried it first with our Sales Team and then it spread accross the company like an oil stain.

14.248 Km of Feetings done

With our 210 employees we did in the meantime 14.248 Km of Feetings. This means an average of 68 Km per employee. And that in only 3 months! What our people like most is the autonomy and flexibility it brings. You can go out (don't have to) and go for a walk, breath some fresh air and enjoy the day, while still having good conversations with your colleagues.

Benefits for our company:

  • Reduced our sick leave numbers.
  • Healthier and happier colleagues.
  • Easier and more productive meetings.
  • Lower Employee Health Insurance costs.

Get out there and give it a try with your colleagues.

At NTIIN we're very happy that we're using Feeting now. It doesn't replace every video call necessarily and that's totally OK. With Feeting we give each other this easy and gentle nudge to get some activity. That's healthy and beneficial.

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