Feeting for Coaches

"Indeed I started coaching remotely before the pandemic started. You could call me an early bird. But to be honest, my business started to take off when I offered Coaching with Feeting. It was an eye-opener for the Coachees and me.

It is incredible how much more you realize when you go outdoor and change the context.

Honestly, if you are a coach, try it out!"

Sebastien Dupuis
Coach Sebastien Dupuis

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Liberate your meetings

Uplift your remote coaching sessions by taking them outdoors.

By walking together, you can add a new element of progress to your coaching sessions. Walking the talk is a great way to focus on coaching goals and get some fresh air to clear the head at the same time. By taking your coaching sessions outside, you can refocus your attention on what's important. Not only will you be able to get some much-needed fresh air, but you'll also be able to bond better with your coachee.
Boost employee wellbeing

Do not miss out on any important insights from the coaching session.

You don't have to rely on your memory to store everything that was said. Feeting Notes™ help you identify patterns and see the areas where you need to focus more. They can also help you remember any important questions or actions that you need to take after the session. In addition, they provide a record of your coachees' progress over time.
Increase productivity and creativity in your meetings

Hear the unsaid! Sentiment, speaking times and much more...

How many times have you wished you could hear what someone wasn't saying? Often, it's not just what is said that matters, but also the sentiment behind the words and the speaking times that can give you important clues. Our Feeting Notes™ listen between the lines and tells you what makes your coachee happy, sad, thoughtful or maybe even angry. You will be surprised at what you learn.

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