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"70% of my time I am on the road. I am driving from one customer to another. I am a sales guy and I love it. When I am in the car, I do a lot of sales calls. I missed the ability to take notes until I learned about Feeting. It does all the note-taking magic for me and analyzes my sales talks on sentiment and drop-off points. This gives me lots of valuable insights and helped me to close more and bigger deals. Highly recommended"

Dmitry Hanzeri
Feeting for Sales Teams - Dmitry Hanzeri

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Liberate your meetings

Automatic, smart and instant analysis of your sales calls.

Sales is a complex process, and even the most experienced salespeople benefit from our Feeting Notes™ technology. Automatic analysis of their sales conversations. By showing the unsaid, uncovering sentiment, and identifying drop-off points, sales teams can win more deals and gain insights into how to improve their sales process. Automatic analysis can also help to identify potential customers who may be ready to buy, but need a little extra nudge.
Boost employee wellbeing

Understand how you can close bigger and more deals.

In order to close bigger and more deals, you need to understand your patterns. Over time, patterns will emerge in the data that Feeting aggregates. By using big data and artificial intelligence, Feeting identifies these patterns and uses them to your advantage. Through the recommendations, you adjust your approach and increase your chances of success enormously.
Increase productivity and creativity in your meetings

Now you can reach your sales targets easier and faster.

It's no secret that sales can be a stressful job. With the pressure to meet quotas and earn bonuses, it's easy to feel like you're constantly running against the clock. Feeting enables you to reach your sales targets more easily.  With Feeting you'll be on your way to meeting (and exceeding) your sales goals in no time.

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