Feeting for MS Teams & Zoom is launching!

Join the private beta for remote business professionals who want to escape their camera during meetings, but don't want to bother others?.

Feeting for MS Teams and Zoom

Join Kathleen, Ray and 2165 others.

Liberate your meetings

They sit, you'll get fit!

Sitting is the new smoking! And now you can join all your existing meetings in a healthy way with our brand new MS Teams and Zoom integration.
Boost employee wellbeing

What's your style?

Show up how you want to show up. You can use the default Feeting widget, which shows realtime steps and CO2 savings, but you can also choose one of our awesome background templates. Of course, the default "camera off" background is an option.
Increase productivity and creativity in your meetings

Enjoy the liberated, immersive experience.

You can still enjoy all the benefits from Feeting:
liberated meetings, high quality noise-cancellation, spatial audio, your own note-taker that transcribes the conversation and gathers all insights for you, earn Feetcoins, use Feeting Facilitators and many more.

Join the movement! 

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