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Tired of feeling trapped in front of your webcam during endless video meetings? Try Feeting - the #1 smart walking meeting platform that boosts productivity. With Feeting, you can hit your daily step goal, organize meeting notes automatically, and enjoy the benefits of walking and fresh air. Try Feeting today and experience the difference.

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Done with video meetings behind your desk?

Newsflash: you don't have to be in front of your screen all day. Instead, grab your earbuds or headphones, go outside and have the ultimate meeting experience with Feeting.
Woman suffering Zoom fatigue

Tired of endless Zoom meetings?

You are probably experiencing Zoom fatigue, a general feeling of mental fatigue and exhaustion caused by video conferencing. Being in front of the camera all day or taking part in multiple video calls each day, will ultimately take its toll on you. Take care of yourself and use Feeting to escape your screen!
Man exhausted from video conferencing

Are your video meetings draining energy?

You're not alone! We recognize this feeling. Being in back-to-back video meetings with no time to grab something to drink or a short bio-break can be very exhausting. Time to recharge your battery with Feeting!
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Smart Meetings On-The-Go

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Why Feeting?

Liberate your meetings

Liberate your meetings

Turn your sitting meetings into Feetings with our frictionless walking meeting platform.
Experience liberated meetings here
Boost employee wellbeing

Boost employee wellbeing

Combine the useful with the convenient and take care of mental and physical health.
Boost your employee wellbeing now
Increase productivity and creativity in your meetings
More focus. More bonding. More creativity.
10x your meetings with better focus and bonding and improved productivity and creativity.
Increase your productivity and creativity as well

Because you care about your employees...

Lots of organizations claim they care about employee wellbeing. Feeting is the opportunity to walk your talk and show you care.

Boost physical and mental employee wellbeing in an easy, productive and cost-effective manner.

Your employees are the ambassadors of your company values. Let them show the world that they endorse Feeting because it boosts their wellbeing.

Reduced sick leave and health insurance costs.

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Why our users love Feeting

Seamless hop-in and hop-out invites

Seamless drop-in, drop-out invites

As easy as you invite your colleagues for an MS Teams or Zoom meeting, you can invite them for a Feeting. It’s completely integrated with Outlook and Google Calendar. Download the app and claim your personal Feeting invite link while it's still available. Your personal invite link is the entry to your personal Feeting audio-room, where your invitees can easily drop-in and drop-out.
Automated transcription creates your Feeting Gems™

Automated Feeting Notes™

Feeting is completely hands-free. Smart conversation intelligence transcribes your Feetings. You can easily take a manual note by saying "Hey Feeting...". State of the art Voice Isolation and Noise Cancellation removes unwanted background noises and bring clear communications to the foreground, so you can fully enjoy the Conversation.
Challenge your colleagues in competitive and collaborative games

Challenge your colleagues

Feeting takes your meetings to the next level and makes them fun and energizing. Join colleagues in different challenges. Cooperate in a virtual walk to Paris together or compete in one of the exciting challenges. Earn feetcoins together and trade them for healthy and sustainable products in the marketplace.
Get audio-cues for timekeeping

Free Feeting Facilitators™

Feeting Facilitators™ offers a tailored audio facilitator (voicebot) to guide everyone through a Feeting in a timeboxed manner. Practical, instant, easy and fun. Feeting Facilitators™ are naturally inclusive and independent, so everybody's opinion and thoughts are involved and respected. Create your facilitor here.
Sync with Apple health

Sync with Apple Health and Google Fit

Feeting seamlessly integrates with Apple Health and GoogleFit. All your relevant health data are stored in a central and secure place.Set personal health goals, for example how many daily steps, and see your progress over time.
Earn featcoin and spend it on healthy and sustainable products

Earn Feetcoins while meeting

Every 1000 steps you'll feet together, everyone earns ƒ 0,10, which you can spend on healthy and sustainable products and services in our shop. Finally, your work (out) also pays (out). Simply move-2-earn.

Join the movement! 
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"Walking makes us more creative"

At our company, we know that walking can have a significant impact on creativity and productivity. Researchers at Stanford University in California found that walking can lead to a 60 percent increase in creativity, compared to someone who stays behind their desk. Our walking meetings have been very productive, and we return to the office feeling energized. Not only does Feeting boost creativity, but it also helps to improve focus and concentration.

Tom Schooltink - Nieuwe Wending
Tom Schooltink, Founder & Partner, Nieuwe Wending
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Steps done during Feetings

"Next level meetings. Combining health and business in one app!"

Finally I am able to combine the health benefits of hiking, with making business decisions. As a desk-bound founder, having the ability to have meetings while hiking opens a whole new world.

Tibo Claesens - Zerobit
Tibo Claesens - Founder & Hacker - ZeroBit
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"Feeting motivated me to move my meetings to walking meetings"

I've been introduced to walking meetings a few years back by a former manager. With most of my day being sat or standing by the desk, I recognise that getting up and moving can be hard at times. Feeting has helped me get that extra motivation to move some of my meetings to walking meetings and feel great about it. It's easy to use, engaging and enabling me to prioritise my health and well-being while being productive.

Timo Behrend - Limeade
Timo Behrend - Director of Growth - Limeade
Hours Feeted
Km Feeted
Tibo Claesens - Zerobit
Lucia Johnson
Timo Behrend - Limeade
Maria Becker

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